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Diploma in Culinary Arts 3years

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Course Information

  • Course Price P156,000.00
  • Place Gaborone
  • Total Students 150+
  • Course Duration 3 years
  • Course StartJune
  • Course Outline

Title Modules
Semester 1 Communication Skills
Entrepreneurship 1
Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
Food Commodity Studies
Basic Nutrition
Hygiene and Safety in the Hospitality Industry
Customer Care in the Hospitality Industry
Semester 2 Entrepreneurship 2
Computer Application & Internet
Stock Control for Hospitality
Food Production
Food and Beverage Service Skills
Occupational Health and Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene
Control of Sales and Costs
Marketing Essentials
Accounting For Hospitality
Semester 3 Menu Planning Essentials
Food Production-Hot Kitchen
Food Production- Cold Kitchen
Selling Skills
Project Management Essentials
Semester 4 Kitchen Activities Management 10
Food Production- Bakery
Research Methods 8
Supervisory Skills 10
Events Management (Elective)
Gastronomy (Elective)
Semester 5 Industrial Placement
Semester 6 Training Skills for Hospitality Industry
Integrated Project